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Sales & Marketing Execution

We cooperate with the sales and marketing divisions. We provide service, tools, and expert knowledge, which are key to firms financial results (ROI). Applied concepts (see Service Map) and their complimentary tools when practiced correctly, lead to increased organizational efficiency and effectiveness. It is for this reason that we provide full-lifetime support. From concept, to implementation, to post-implementation, we are with you to help keep up with the changing market environment and changes within the organization.


Mapping of the business processes is critical and key factor of the all CRM and CLM implementations. Depending on the Customer’s needs we recommend supplier of the tool. We lead the implementation process and, if it is possible, we maintain and develop the tool.

CRM tools currently supported by ISF are, first of all, and VEEVA

Recommened CLM tools: Pitcher, Pears, Agnitio



The result of our cooperation with Stanusch Medical Technologies is the first Medical Avatar (MedAvar), which is an interactive, virtual patient counselor. It has just started patients’ education on the diseases transmitted by parasites prevention.

Latest News

Why do most CRM projects fail? (a programmer’s perspective)

The business world is littered with stories of CRM projects gone horribly wrong. Expectations aren’t met or even worse the whole project itself falls apart. After fifteen years of experience in the CRM field, let me tell you, this is more than liable to happen.

5 steps to create a salesforce Apex message box w/o stopping code

This article will outline 5 easy steps to create a salesforce Apex message box without encountering any stopping code. So where do we start? As any Salesforce developer knows, there is the need to generate a warning or information message (apex message box) at the top of your standard salesforce page. The problem however is that going about this the standard way does not work out so well.